Teaching Here

Teaching Here

Community Spotlight

North Campus is both an organization that strives to foster a community focused on learning, and the name of an actual community centered on education. Located in north St. Louis City, North Campus includes the O’Fallon neighborhood and sections of the Penrose and College Hill neighborhoods. The organization strives to build out a pipeline of academic success from birth through college graduation by providing a college campus feel for all the children living within the three neighborhoods it serves. By providing academic tutoring, enrichment courses, vision screenings, or simply a hot meal to students within the community, North Campus builds the college environment within its neighborhoods through not only offering these special services, but also by fostering a unifying goal among residents – to learn.

Teach For America-St. Louis and North Campus have a special relationship. Two program leaders are 2012 Teach For America-St. Louis alumni, and many other alumni and corps members volunteer as after school tutors or teachers in North Campus’s summer program. Additionally, many students living in the North Campus area attend school where Teach For America places corps members. This means that throughout the day a child may be taught by a Teach For America teacher, and return home to participate in tutoring or enrichment activities that are led by others within the Teach For America community.


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Subjects And Grade Levels

  • High School Science
  • High School Math
  • High School English
  • Middle School Math
  • Middle School Science
  • Middle School English/Language Arts
  • Elementary – All Subject Areas
  • Early Childhood Education
  • World Language – Spanish/French
  • Social Studies

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Average starting salary is between $34,000 - $39,000.




Optional two year program


Required two years

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Common Certification Questions

Certification can be obtained in two years through our university partners.

University of Missouri – St. Louis